Ramco Translation Services & PC Support/Ramco Miami is a family owned and operated business with a combined 38 years of experience and expertise in our fields.  We are dedicated to providing top quality and affordable services.   All of our Certified Translations are100% guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS and are prepared by a native language translator with over 16 years of experience translating documents.  We specialize in providing certified translations for USCIS, passport applications, school documents, court documents, brochures, websites and more.  Our PC Support Services are provided by a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 11  years of experience.  

We pride ourselves in providing top quality assistance and support to you and/or your business.   



Email:  andrew@ramcomiami.com

Your #1 choice for Translations and PC Support Services in South Florida


Whether you're a small-business owner or a consumer seeking ways to save, the professionals at Ramco Translation Services & PC Support can save you thousands of dollars a year!



Certified Document Translations  

Audio/Video Transcriptions

PC Support

Notary Public

Skip Tracing

Internet Research


Website Design/Maintenance

Flyer Design

Legal Document Preparation Assistance*​



Tel: 786-310-0450

Email: andrew@ramcomiami.com

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